It’s no secret that easy crafts for 3 year olds have immeasurable benefits. From improving hand-eye coordination, creativity, to boosting fine motor skills. Not forgetting the tremendous fun that your little one and the whole family will have.

So, if you are searching for fun, easy crafts for 3 year old, you are in the right place! Here’s a list of 10 fun easy crafts to help you turn your little champion into an amazing artist!


10 Easy Crafts for 3 Year Olds


#1. Rainbow Craft


From a young age, kids discover colors easily. However, to help your 3 year old differentiate colors, you need the right crafts.

To make a rainbow craft you need:


How to make:

– cut the cardboard into an arch shape

– Draw the rainbow lines

– Let your 3 year old still all the marshmallows

– Add one color per line

Your rainbow craft is ready!


#2. Paper Plate Animals


What you need:


How to make:

– Think about the animal you wish to make

– Cut out the ears

– stick the ears to the front, upper part of the paper plate

– If you are making animals like the elephant, you’ll require additional head parts like the trunk.

– Glue the rest of the head parts

– Paint your animal

– Glue the eyes

-Draw the nose plus the mouth

Remember, there are many paper crafts for 3 year olds you can try out. What is important is letting your toddler have fun while stretching their creativity to the maximum.


#3. Sticker Name Craft


This is one of the best activities for 3 year olds to help them boost fine motor skills. Also, this craft will hold their attention for longer, making it possible for you to handle other tasks.

What you need:

Remember, as they practice these sticker name crafts for 3 year olds, they’ll know how to spell their name and also identify different letters.

How to make:

– On the construction paper, write down your kid’s name.

– Give the construction paper to your 3 year old so they can cover the letters with multi-colored stickers.


#4. Painted Pasta Bangles


If you are searching for craft activities for 3 year old girl, this is it! Your little princess will channel her creativity by creating these beautiful water color bangles and feel real proud wearing them afterwards.


What you Need


How to make pasta bangles:

– Cover the work surface to ensure you have enough space for drying your pasta after painting

– Give your 3 year old pasta, paint, and a paint brush and let the fun begin!

– Remember to guide your kid to go easy on the paint as too much of it will make the pasta soggy.

– If you’re in a hurry to dry your bangles, put the pasta on a tray and dry them in the oven.

-Once the pasta is completely dry, let your toddler put the pasta on the thread. Don’t forget to tie one pasta at the string-end so the rest of the pasta don’t fall off.


#5. Straw Necklace


What You Need:

How to Make

– Cut the colored straws into small segments

– Tie one piece of straw to one end of your yarn so other straw pieces don’t fall off

– If your child is finding it hard to push the straws into the yarn, you can hold the yarn so they can push the materials. Later, you can alternate where you push the materials while they hold the thread.

With time, they’ll gain the experienced they need to do both tasks at once.

-Once you finish threading all the straw cuttings, tie both ends of the thread together to make a necklace!


#6. Tissue Paper Apples


Every child love apples. Well… most do! Which makes this rank among the best easy crafts for 3 year olds.

First, tissue papers are very affordable and really easy to work with for toddlers. And depending on your preference, you can choose pre-colored tissue papers or buy a white one and let your kids paint it.

What you need:


How to make:

– Let you toddler cut the tissue papers into smaller pieces.

– Take the pre-drawn apple and place it on a flat surface

– Using glue, stick the tissue cuttings onto the apple.


#7. Salt Dough


What you need


How to Make

– Put the all-purpose flour in a bowl, followed by an equal measure of salt

– Add water so you can create the dough. You need to teach the toddler how to pour and mix ingredients to avoid accidents or extreme mess.

– Once your dough is ready, roll it on the parchment paper at a thickness of your choice

– Using the cookie cutter, make as many shapes as possible

– Line the baking tray using parchment paper and then, place the dough shapes on it.

-Put them in the oven for about 3 hours (or until ready) at 210 degrees

– Once the cookies are dry, take your paint and paint brush and paint them.

– If you want, you can add some glitter paint to make your ornaments stand out!


#8. Penguin Crafts


Searching for winter-themed easy crafts for 3 year olds! Try this beautiful penguin craft.

What you need:

How to make:

– cut a rectangular shaped paper from your blue paper

– Download and print your penguin templates

– Cut out different pieces from your template

-At the center of the rectangular paper, stick the black portion of your penguin cut outs

– Now glue the feet on the lower end of the black body

– On the gray cutout, apply glue on one side, ensuring it covers everywhere.

– Stick the cotton balls on the body

– Take the body with the cotton balls and glue it to the other body on the blue rectangular paper

– Attach the black balls (eyes)

– Just below the eyes, arrange the cotton balls in a triangular manner so that it looks like a beak

– And you have your penguin!


#9. Finger Painting


Finger painting is an amazing way for 3 year olds to learn coordination, which will really help with they need to hold a pen. All you need is to get some paint (different colors) on your kid’s fingers and let them print the fingers on the paper.

#10. Outdoor Nature Craft


If your 3 year old loves going for nature walk, they will love these easy crafts for 3 year olds. While out on a stroll, your kids will pick colorful flowers.

Later when you get back to the house, take the flowers and stick them on a construction paper.

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