15+ Fun Games to Boost Self-esteem for Kids

Are there fun games to boost self-esteem for kids? How can I help my child view themselves positively? And is there a way I can make my child stop seeing himself as a failure, like everyone is better except them?

These are questions you most likely ask yourself if your child has low self-esteem.

As parents, caregivers, and educators, we all want to see our kids grow up confident and secure in themselves.

But sometimes, life can be tough, and children may need a little extra encouragement and support.

That’s where these games come in – they’re designed to be entertaining and enjoyable, while also helping kids build self-worth and self-confidence.

So, whether you’re looking for activities to do at home, at school, or on the go, keep reading for some great ideas to help your kids feel great about themselves!


So, what are these fun games to boost self-esteem for kids?


1. “I Like Me” Mirror Game

For this game, the kids will stand in front of a mirror and say positive affirmations to themselves, such as “I am smart,” “I am kind,” or “I am talented.” Encourage them to use different tones and facial expressions as they say the affirmations.

2. “Find the Good” Scavenger Hunt

Give your kids a list of items to find around the house or outside that represent something they like about themselves. For example, they might find a toy car to represent their love of speed, or a book to represent their love of reading.

3. “Compliment Circle” Icebreaker

Have kids sit in a circle and take turns giving each other compliments. Encourage them to be specific and sincere, and to give compliments that are related to character traits or actions, rather than physical appearances.

4. “I Can Do It!” Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course using household items and have kids try to complete it as quickly as possible. Encourage them to cheer each other on and celebrate their successes as they play this fun game to boost self-esteem for kids.

5. “Self-Portrait” Art Activity

Let the kids create self-portraits using a variety of art supplies. Encourage them to include details that represent their unique qualities and interests.

6. “I Am Special” Memory Game

Write a list of positive statements about each child on index cards and have them take turns reading the statements out loud and trying to remember them. For example, “I am a great listener,” or “I am really good at soccer.”

7. “What I’m Proud Of” Sharing Game

For these fun games to boost self-esteem for kids, the kids will take turns sharing something they are proud of about themselves. For instance, they can share a recent accomplishment or a personal quality.

Encourage the other kids to offer support and encouragement.

8. “I Can Help!” Community Service Project

Have kids brainstorm ways they can help others and then work together to plan and execute a community service project, such as collecting food for a food bank or cleaning up a local park.

9. “Positive Thinking” Board Game

Create a board game that involves answering questions about positive thinking and self-esteem. For example, “What is one thing you like about yourself?” or “Name three things you are good at.”

10. “Encourage-a-Friend” Journaling Activity

Have kids write encouraging notes or letters to a friend or family member, expressing appreciation and support. Encourage them to focus on the person’s strengths and positive qualities.

11. Mother-child self-esteem game


Children feel more confident if the people around them especially their parents value them. A little guardian- child bonding game can go along way in ensuring that the child feels valued hence high self-esteem.

The child will get two drawing sheets with ‘ME’ and ‘MY MOM’ stenciled in bold, the mother will receive two sheets ‘ME’ and ‘MY BOY/MY GIRL’ both the mother and the child will write positives qualities about each other.

You will then exchange the sheets and read them out loud. This helps the child know how positively the mom thinks of them and will greatly build their confidence.

12. Catch the compliment


This is among the best group games to boost self-esteem in which the more participants, the better it gets. All you require is a ball and a play area. All the participants sit in around circle, a ball is randomly thrown for others to catch.

Whoever catches the ball will receive a positive compliment from the thrower of the ball. This game helps improve the general goodwill among participants.

13. Story telling game


Storytelling build a child’s verbal and vocabulary skills, it also builds their interests outside their immediate local environment. It could also build their imaginative and creative writing skills. All these lessons put together greatly build the child’s self-confidence.

The game is played as a group activity where kids come together, one of them starts a story with a few beginning sentences, each of the others add to the story as they go round the circle. There has to be good flow and continuity of the story.

14. Rolling in admiration game


This is a group game in which the more participants the more interesting the game. All the players sit in a circle, one person rolls the dice.

Whichever number appears on the dice, the player has to list that many positive qualities of the person sited next to them.

This helps the participants focus and build on positivity. It builds the self-confidence of every individual by seeing their strengths in the view of other people.


15. Campfire circle           


These fun games to boost self-esteem for kids involves going outdoor. Campfire is popular for families that go out for picnics. At night-time, you can set up a fire outside your tents and sit around it.

Everyone sitting around the campfire will tell a story about their life, something they read or saw somewhere or even heard about. Story types are not limited as long as everyone shares an experience.

This gives room to the child suffering from low self-esteem to open up. Sometimes that opening up is all it takes to change their life forever.

What are Your Favorite Fun Games to Boost Self Esteem for Kids?


All said and done, it is very important to note that building a child’s self-esteem is not a one-time event or activity. It’s a process that involves the little things you to for or with your child every single day.

From the way you respond to their seemingly ‘stupid’ questions to how often you hug them and show them the love you have for them.

The way you carry yourself and how much you believe in your self are all the small things that contribute to how your child views themselves.

Start with expressing your love for them. Remember you may love your child more than your own life but if they don’t know that you do, it’s as good as nothing.

Do you know other fun games to boost self-esteem for kids? Share with us in the comments section.

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