Authoritative Parenting Examples: The Complete Guide

Authoritative Parenting Examples and Characteristics

Do you know that your parenting style has a direct impact on your children’s development, relationships, and emotional well-being? And that how you parent your kids will affect their success in the future?

As a parent, I know we face difficult moments in the parenting journey. But with the right balancing of kind + firm parenting, the magic always happen.

You are happy when in your journey as a parent, you connect well with your kids. However, the deep desire to see them actualize their dreams, build meaningful relationships, and become people of substance may make you cross the line.

Well, now that you’re here, we’ll walk together towards helping you become the positive parent you’ve always wanted.

Let’s start from the beginning…


What is Authoritative Parenting?


Authoritative parenting refers to a parenting style where the parent nurture and support their children while balancing this interaction with firm, safe, consistent limits. An authoritative parent will set clear set of rules and expect their parents to live up to these expectations.

And to ensure that the children meet these high expectations, authoritative parents encourage their kids by saying things like:

‘I know you can achieve this and we’ll work together to see you scale the heights’

‘Tomorrow will be better, don’t ever give up’

‘You are not what happened yesterday, get up, work harder and prove them wrong’


Examples of Authoritative Parenting


Here are some common authoritative parenting examples:


  1. Establish household chores while giving the kids the freedom to choose what tasks they will undertake.


  1. When children doesn’t meet the set expectations or break the rules, authoritative parents apply fair, positive discipline.


  1. Listen to the kids any time they are troubled, disappointed, or upset and then, find a solution to the problem together.


  1. Encourage independence while letting the children bear the consequences of the choices and actions they choose to undertake.


  1. Will comfortably say no if what the child wants is not appropriate or beneficial.


  1. Set clear expectations and boundaries for their kids and let them know about them in advance.


  1. Besides being authoritative, these parents remain warm, compassionate, and loving towards their children.


  1. Encourage children to air their opinions and concerns and let the parents or other relevant people know.


  1. Instead of demanding respect from their children, authoritative parent earn the respect.


  1. Monitor what kids watch online and on TV


  1. Place curfew


  1. Expect their children to ways tell the truth about their movements


  1. Tell their kids about the dangers of drug abuse and tell them why they cannot use them.


Authoritative Parenting Characteristics


Demanding & Responsive


An authoritative parent will set rules and expectations and expect their kids to live up to them. They clearly state what they expect and let the kid know about it. Then, they follow up to ensure the kids meet these goals.


Encourage Communication


Authoritative parents encourage communication. When the parent sets the rules, they’ll sit down with the children and explain the reasons behind these rules.

This way, when the children are doing what the parents said, they know why they have to follow that specific path.


Available and Understanding


An authoritative parent is always a part of their kid’s development and growth. They will assist the kids in their studies, school projects, and more.

And while doing this, access each child’s strengths and limitations, positive and negative behaviors, and the opportunities available.


Give Freedom, then Monitor


Authoritative parents works in trusting their children. They want to raise independent kids who can make some decisions without adult interference.

However, because they understand how harmful freedom without supervision can be, they keep track of their actions. Also, this freedom will depend on the age and will be granted in phases.


Spending Quality Time Together


Families with authoritative parents always find opportunities to spend quality time together. Though busy with work at times, they always set time to enjoy as a family.

Also, these parents train their kids about the benefits of sticking together as a family.


Authoritative Parenting Effects


Now that we’ve seen some authoritative parenting examples, let’s check the effects of authoritative parenting on children behavior:

  • Children develop into social beings


  • Kids are great learners and know how to express themselves


  • They mature earlier in life


  • Kids from authoritative parenting are happier and livelier


  • They are able to adapt to all environments and remain comfortable because they remain open-minded.


  • Kids become creative early in life because their parents encourage them to work on their skills from an early age.


  • Children are expert negotiators


  • Kids become more self-confident


  • Children are great learners and excellent speakers


Why is Authoritative Parenting the Best?


Authoritative parenting is highly beneficial, not just to the kids but to the whole family. Let check out some of the authoritative parenting benefits:

Brings Harmony

With authoritative parenting, parents can prevent unpleasant situations since everyone understands the rules, expectations, and their responsibilities.  There are no instances where children are rude to parents, neither are the parents harsh to the kids.

Instead of disagreeing and shouting at each other, they hold open talks where they discuss contentious issues. This will make them grow into better people who are care for others.


Kids are Motivated to Perform Better


Whether in school, sports, or other fields in life, kids with authoritative parents work harder and get better results. Why? Because their parents keep encouraging them and supporting them.

Even better, these parents don’t measure their children’s success by the end result but by the efforts put in the activity.


Promotes Positive Discipline


Instead of extreme punishment, authoritative parents use positive discipline. They ensure that the child learns from his mistakes without going through mental torture.


Helps Kids to Become More Assertive and Result-Driven


Children raised by authoritative parents know that whey the parent says no, there’s no turning back. Similarly, they’ll learn to say no and stand by it and remain in control no matter the situation.

For instance, if anyone tries to introduce him to drug abuse, they’ll firmly say no because they understand the dangers of taking drugs.


Kids Perform Better in School


Children raised by authoritative parents perform better in their academics. Why? Because their parents are always keen on their studies, never miss school activities, and stand with them when things go wrong.

Any time the children need help with their education, authoritarian parents are always ready step in.


Less Chances of Drug and Alcohol Addiction


Kids brought up by authoritative parents are less likely to smoke, drink beer, or engage in other anti-social activities. This is because the parents keep track of their friends, where they hang out, and what they do at any time.

If there are any behavioral changes, parents are the first to notice and address the vice as soon as possible.

There you have it! 10+ authoritative parenting examples and the effects of this parenting style on the kids.

Do you know other authoritative parenting examples? Please share with us in the comment section.


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