How to make your child successful in life- 10 Proven Tips

Wondering how to make your child successful in life?

Read on to find out…

Parenthood is one of the most challenging jobs in the entire universe.

So much so that some people opt to live their lives without children just to avoid parenting.

Right from conception all throughout your life as a parent, you take responsibility for a being who is wholly dependent on you.

You feed, bathe, educate and literally give your life for the good of your child.

Parenthood is basically putting the needs of someone else before your very own.

Difficult as parenthood is, it is the only task that is carried out most willingly.

Every parent want to do it to perfection mostly going even beyond their means and capacity.

When you are a parent you want to give your child the best of everything there is.

Give them the best shelter, the best education, the best food and the best future even if it means dooming your own.

While you strive to give your child all the good things in life, it is very important that you teach them good values that make them a good part of the society.

You also need to teach them tactics for survival on their own. Ways that will give them a good life even in your absence.

Simply put, every parent wants their child to be a successful individual.

Success in terms of the value of life they lead both financially, socially and morally.

A parent would give almost anything to ensure successful lives for their kids.

While there is no guarantee to a bright future for one’s kids, here are some of the things to do to get them as closest as you possibly can to a successful future;


10 workable ways on how to make your child successful in life

  1. Be a happy parent
  2. Move to the best neighborhood you can
  3. Make them do chores
  4. Encourage them to read
  5. Set high standards
  6. Praise them correctly
  7. Create family rituals
  8. Teach them to be gritty
  9. Help them build meaningful relationships
  10. Teach them to be all round healthy
  11. Give them bias-proof names
  12. Encourage entrepreneurship

1. Be a happy parent

Happier and less stressed individuals are more likely to thrive in their day to day activities including parenting.

Happy parents are more likely to have happy children. Happy children develop better psychologically, socially and morally.

Children do not fare well if the parents are stressed and unhappy.

The mood of the parents affect children directly. If you are miserable and stressed, your children are likely to catch those feelings.


2. Move to the best neighborhood you can afford

A good neighborhood provides your children with good schools, more career opportunities and the chance to grow up around people who value hard work, education, achievements and even simple life etiquette.

The environment around which a child grows up highly contributes to the kind of person they become when they grow up, the kind of things they value and focus on and their personality.


3. Make them do chores

This teaches children responsibility, the value of hard work, collaborating to get things done, how to do that particular task and self-reliance.

If for example someone makes a bed for them, a child misses out on knowing how to make the bed, the sense of responsibility for making it.

This also means that if in future they need to make a bed, they don’t know how to do it without depending on someone to do it for them.


4. Make your kids read and learn daily

Making your kids read and learn a little math every day is the single most important factor in predicting their later academic achievement.

Mastery of early math skills predicts future math and reading achievement as reliably as early literacy mastery of vocabulary and letters predicts later reading success.


5. Set high expectations

Parents who see university in their child’s future seem to manage their child towards that goal irrespective of their income and other assets.

A child with such a parent will automatically focus their energy to university not even as a set standard but as a normal way of life even without realizing it.

Their frame of mind is set at university as a minimum level.


6. Praise them often

A fixed mindset believes that talent and skill cannot be changed, that u can only be as good at something as you were born to be.

A growth mindset believes that talents can be developed over time and skills learned with sufficient effort.

When your child earns a high score in science for example, praise and reward them for their hard work instead of telling them they are talented and smart.

This encourages a growth mindset. It gives them confidence in their ability to learn and improve themselves.


7. Create family rituals

Children with good social skills thrive as adults. One of the best ways to grow these social skills is to with family rituals.

Organize family activities like cooking together, morning runs, annual vacations.

Consider weekly family meetings where you talk about the previous activity’s positives, negatives and things you need to improve on.

This helps the child learn how to easily interact with other people and express themselves without fear.


8. Teach them to be gritty

Angela Duckworth defines grit as the passion and perseverance for especially long-term goals.

Teach grit by cultivating something that grabs your kids’ attention from the onset, but that they become familiar with and knowledgeable enough to want to wake up to it every day and still be interested in it.


9. Help them build meaningful relationships

Strong relationships are essential for children’s growth and psychological well-being.

Help your kids build healthy and strong relationships by play-dates and participation in activities they enjoy.

Teach them how to manage their emotions and resolve conflicts to maintain those relationships.


10. Teach them to be all-round healthy

Healthy habits are vital for both kids and adults. Set boundaries that encourage yours kids to get plenty of sleep, eat healthy and be active.

Teach kids the health benefits of taking care of themselves.

Do practical healthy dinners together, family bike rides and other fun activities that are healthy.


11. Give them bias-proof names

Give your kid a simple name that is easy to pronounce as this may save them being made fun of which in turn may affect their confidence and self-esteem.


12. Encourage entrepreneurship

Majority of successful entrepreneurs started at an early age.


Steps to encourage entrepreneurship in your kids

  1. Have the observe an entrepreneur while growing up
  2. Encourage them to start a small business as kids
  3. Teach them how to collect money eg how to invoice
  4. Challenge them to think of creative ways to make money.

There you have it! 11 proven ways to make your child succeed in life. If you have more tips to raise a successful child, please share with us in the comments section.


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