Parent’s Guide to Choosing the Right PBS Kids Games

Interactive, Informative, and Relatable Guide to PBS Kids Games

Welcome to an immersive exploration of PBS Kids, a vibrant world where interactive adventures and learning combine seamlessly. This guide is designed to be your companion as you navigate through the diverse and educational landscape of PBS Kids games.

Whether you’re a parent, educator, or just a curious onlooker, here’s everything you need to know about this fantastic resource.


Understanding PBS Kids Games


What Are PBS Kids Games?

PBS Kids games are interactive, digital experiences designed for children, primarily aimed at those aged 2-8 years. They are built to educate and entertain simultaneously, focusing on various subjects from nature and science to math and language arts.

With popular characters from PBS Kids’ shows like “Nature Cat”, “Curious George”, and “Daniel Tiger”, these games are not only fun but also familiar to kids.


Educational Value


  • Nature and Science: Games featuring “Nature Cat” or the “Wild Kratts” immerse kids in the wonders of the natural world and basic scientific concepts.
  • Math and Computational Thinking: These games make math fun and approachable, encouraging logical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Language Arts and Social Studies: Here, children explore language through storytelling and understand social concepts, developing empathy and cultural awareness.


Accessibility and Inclusivity


  • Languages and Formats: With offerings like Spanish games and accessible apps on platforms like Google Play and the iTunes Store, PBS Kids ensures that its content is available to a broad audience.
  • Diverse Characters and Themes: Characters from various backgrounds, like “Rosie’s Rules” and “Sesame Street”, help children see themselves and others in the stories they play.


How to Use PBS Kids Games


Choosing the Right PBS Kids Games


  • By Age: Select games that match your child’s age and developmental stage.
  • By Interest: Whether your child loves animals, space, or cooking, there’s a game for every interest.
  • By Educational Goal: Looking to improve math skills? Try computational games. Want to enhance language skills? Language arts games are perfect.


Integrating Games into Learning


  • At Home: Use games as a way to supplement school learning or as a fun weekend activity.
  • In the Classroom: Teachers can incorporate games into lesson plans, using PBS LearningMedia resources for additional support.


Interactive Features


  • ‘Play Together Games’: These games are designed for parent-child interaction, making learning a shared experience.
  • Feedback and Progress Tracking: Many games offer feedback to help children understand their progress.


Making the Most of PBS Kids Games


  1. Regular Play: Encourage regular play to build familiarity and consistency in learning.
  2. Discussion and Extension: Talk about the games with your kids. Ask them what they learned and how they feel about the characters and stories.
  3. Connecting with Shows: Pair game play with watching related PBS Kids shows for a more immersive experience.


Finding PBS Kids Games


  1. Online: Visit the PBS Kids website to find a comprehensive list of games.
  2. Apps: Download PBS Kids apps from app stores for on-the-go learning.
  3. PBS Stations: Tune into your local PBS station for information on new games and related content.


PBS Kids Games FAQs


  1. Are PBS Kids Games Free? Most games are free, with some available through PBS Kids apps on various platforms.
  2. Can These Games Be Played Offline? Certain apps offer offline play options, perfect for travel or limited internet access.
  3. How Often Are New Games Released? PBS Kids frequently updates its game library, introducing new games and characters.

PBS Kids games are more than just digital play; they’re a gateway to a world of learning, exploration, and fun. With a focus on educational content, interactive experiences, and beloved characters, these games offer a unique opportunity for kids to grow and learn in an engaging environment.

Whether it’s solving puzzles with the Kratt brothers, exploring nature with Nature Cat, or learning math with engaging computational games, PBS Kids makes education an adventure. So dive in and discover the wonderful world of PBS Kids games today!


PBS Kids Games for Toddlers


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Feel the Music


  • Description: This game involves creating music with Daniel Tiger and his friends.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances emotional understanding and introduces musical concepts.

Sesame Street: Elmo’s School Friends


  • Description: Elmo guides toddlers through a school day, introducing them to classroom routines.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches basic social skills and familiarizes toddlers with school settings.


Curious George: Curious About Shapes and Colors


  • Description: Players help George arrange various shapes and colors.
  • Educational Benefit: Strengthens shape and color recognition, enhancing cognitive development.


Peg + Cat: Big Gig


  • Description: This game focuses on making music while learning about numbers and patterns.
  • Educational Benefit: Introduces early math concepts in a fun and engaging way.


Sid the Science Kid: Sid’s Slide to the Side


  • Description: Sid explores basic physics by understanding sliding and friction.
  • Educational Benefit: Encourages exploration of simple physics and promotes physical activity.


Clifford the Big Red Dog: Puppy Letters


  • Description: In this game, children help Clifford and his friends by finding letters.
  • Educational Benefit: Aids in letter recognition and basic literacy skills.


PBS Kids Games for Preschoolers


Super Why!: Alphabet Adventures


  • Description: Players go on an alphabet adventure with the Super Why! team.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances alphabet knowledge and early reading skills.


Arthur: Happy Mrs. Chicken


  • Description: This game involves helping Arthur’s friend, Mrs. Chicken, in various tasks.
  • Educational Benefit: Promotes understanding of sequences and basic logic.


Dinosaur Train: Hungry Hungry Herbivore


  • Description: Players learn about different dinosaurs and their diets.
  • Educational Benefit: Introduces basic concepts of science and nature.


Cat in the Hat: Rhyme Time


  • Description: Rhyming game with the Cat in the Hat, focusing on language skills.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances language development and phonemic awareness.


Pinkalicious and Peterrific: Pinkcredible Story Maker


  • Description: Players create and animate their own stories.
  • Educational Benefit: Fosters creativity, storytelling skills, and artistic expression.


Splash and Bubbles: Ocean Guide


  • Description: Explore the ocean and its inhabitants with Splash, Bubbles, and friends.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches about marine biology and ecosystems.


PBS Kids Games for Kindergarteners


Wild Kratts: Creature Math


  • Description: Players use math skills to help the Kratt brothers care for animals.
  • Educational Benefit: Combines math with animal education and environmental awareness.


Nature Cat: Nature Art Box


  • Description: Create art using natural materials with Nature Cat.
  • Educational Benefit: Encourages creativity and appreciation for nature.


Odd Squad: Blob Chase


  • Description: Solve puzzles and catch blobs with the Odd Squad.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances problem-solving and logical thinking.


Martha Speaks: Dog Tags


  • Description: A vocabulary game featuring Martha the talking dog.
  • Educational Benefit: Improves vocabulary and language comprehension.


The Cat in the Hat Builds That


  • Description: Engage in engineering and building activities with the Cat in the Hat.
  • Educational Benefit: Introduces engineering concepts and problem-solving.


Ready Jet Go!: Jet’s Bot Builder


  • Description: Design and build robots to explore space with Jet and friends.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches basics of robotics and space exploration.


PBS Kids Games for Elementary School Students


Cyberchase: Save the Park


  • Description: Players use math and problem-solving skills to save a park.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches environmental science and math in a real-world context.


Molly of Denali: Sled Dog Dash


  • Description: Navigate Alaskan landscapes with Molly and her sled dogs.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances geographical knowledge and introduces cultural diversity.


Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: Hero Maker


  • Description: Create your own hero and go on historical adventures.
  • Educational Benefit: Promotes historical knowledge and moral values.


Odd Squad: Sector 21


  • Description: Solve advanced math puzzles with the Odd Squad agents.
  • Educational Benefit: Develops advanced math skills and critical thinking.


Plum Landing: Jungle Rangers


  • Description: Explore ecosystems and biodiversity in a jungle setting.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches about ecology, biodiversity, and environmental stewardship.


Arthur: Lunch-o-Matic


  • Description: Help Arthur create healthy and balanced meals.
  • Educational Benefit: Encourages knowledge of nutrition and healthy eating habits.


STEM PBS Kids Games


Wild Kratts: Creature Mobile


  • Description: Create a custom creature mobile from various animal parts.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches about animal biology and habitats, integrating technology and science.


The Cat in the Hat Invents


  • Description: Assist the Cat in the Hat in inventing new machines.
  • Educational Benefit: Encourages understanding of engineering concepts and problem-solving.


Sid the Science Kid: Sid’s Science Fair


  • Description: Explore several science exhibits, conducting experiments and observations.
  • Educational Benefit: Introduces basic scientific methods and reasoning.


Plum Landing: Plum’s Creaturizer


  • Description: Build and observe your own creatures in different ecosystems.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches about ecosystems, biodiversity, and environmental science.


Odd Squad: Agent Academy


  • Description: Train to become an Odd Squad agent by solving math and science challenges.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances problem-solving skills using math and basic science.


Cyberchase: Railway Hero


  • Description: Solve puzzles to repair railway tracks and learn about the environment.
  • Educational Benefit: Combines environmental science with logic and spatial reasoning.

Literacy PBS Kids Games


Super Why!: Reading Adventures


  • Description: Go on reading adventures with the Super Why! team to solve storybook puzzles.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances reading comprehension and phonics skills.


Martha Speaks: Word Spinner


  • Description: Play with words and create stories with Martha the talking dog.
  • Educational Benefit: Improves vocabulary and storytelling skills.


WordGirl: Word Hunt


  • Description: Help WordGirl by finding and collecting words in a fun adventure.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches new vocabulary and language usage.


Arthur: Read and Play


  • Description: Engage in reading and play activities with Arthur and friends.
  • Educational Benefit: Encourages reading and comprehension skills.


Peg + Cat: The Big Dog Problem


  • Description: Solve problems with Peg and Cat while building literacy skills.
  • Educational Benefit: Integrates reading with math and problem-solving.


Sesame Street: Alphabet Kitchen


  • Description: Cook up words with Cookie Monster in a fun alphabet game.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches letter recognition and basic word formation.


Math PBS Kids Games


Peg + Cat: Chicken Coop


  • Description: Help Peg and Cat sort and count chickens in a coop.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches counting, sorting, and basic arithmetic.


Curious George: Hide and Seek


  • Description: Play hide and seek with George while learning counting and number recognition.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances numerical understanding and counting skills.


Odd Squad: Blob Chase


  • Description: Use math to catch blobs and solve odd occurrences.
  • Educational Benefit: Develops logical thinking and math skills.


Cyberchase: Tangram Game


  • Description: Solve tangram puzzles with the Cyberchase team.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances spatial reasoning and geometry skills.


Dinosaur Train: Buddy’s A-Mazing Adventure


  • Description: Navigate mazes and solve problems with Buddy from Dinosaur Train.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches problem-solving and basic math concepts.


Arthur: Crank It Up


  • Description: Help Arthur and friends with their music band by solving math-related challenges.
  • Educational Benefit: Integrates math with music and rhythm.

Science PBS Kids Games


Wild Kratts: Go Cheetah Go


  • Description: Help the Kratt brothers in their cheetah adventure, learning about animal biology.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches about animal science and habitats.


Plum Landing: Water Safari


  • Description: Explore different water habitats and learn about water ecosystems.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances understanding of aquatic science and conservation.


The Cat in the Hat: Weather Transformer


  • Description: Experiment with different weather conditions and their effects.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches about meteorology and climate science.


Nature Cat: Park Builder


  • Description: Build your own park and learn about nature and ecosystems.
  • Educational Benefit: Encourages environmental stewardship and knowledge of ecosystems.


Sid the Science Kid: Weather Surprise


  • Description: Discover various weather patterns with Sid and friends.
  • Educational Benefit: Introduces basic meteorology concepts.


Dinosaur Train: Dino Drink


  • Description: Help dinosaurs stay hydrated and learn about their needs.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches about paleontology and animal needs.


Creativity PBS Kids Games


Pinkalicious and Peterrific: Pinkamagine Fashion


  • Description: Design outfits and costumes with Pinkalicious.
  • Educational Benefit: Encourages creativity and artistic expression.


Arthur: Comic Creator


  • Description: Create your own comic strips using Arthur and his friends.
  • Educational Benefit: Fosters storytelling and artistic skills.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Dress Up


  • Description: Dress up Daniel Tiger and his friends in different outfits.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances creativity and self-expression.


Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum: Hero Maker


  • Description: Create your own hero characters and go on adventures.
  • Educational Benefit: Promotes creativity and imagination in storytelling.


Curious George: Mix and Paint


  • Description: Mix colors and paint with Curious George.
  • Educational Benefit: Teaches color theory and encourages artistic creativity.


Peg + Cat: Peg’s Parade


  • Description: Plan and organize a parade with Peg and Cat, using creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Educational Benefit: Enhances organizational skills andS fosters imagination.



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