With the rise of digital entertainment, popular kids gaming channels on YouTube have become a major source of fun and learning for children worldwide. These channels offer a variety of content ranging from gameplay tutorials to live streams, all catered to the young gaming community. Below, we delve into some of the most engaging and educational YouTube kids channels that have captured the hearts of millions.

Why Are Kids Gaming Channels So Popular?

Gaming has evolved beyond just playing video games. It has become a way for kids to connect, learn, and be entertained. Popular kids gaming channels on YouTube offer interactive and engaging content that often includes:

Top Kids Gaming Channels on YouTube

Here’s a look at some of the most popular kids gaming channels on YouTube:

1. DanTDM

DanTDM, or The Diamond Minecart, is one of the most well-known Minecraft YouTubers. His channel features a variety of gaming content including Minecraft videos, game reviews, and Let’s Play videos. DanTDM’s content is family-friendly, making it a favorite among parents and kids alike.

2. FGTeeV

FGTeeV offers a mix of gaming videos, family vlogs, and comedic skits. The channel is run by a family that plays a variety of games including Roblox, Minecraft, and more. FGTeeV is known for its high-energy content and fun gameplay.

3. ItsFunneh

ItsFunneh is another popular kids gaming channel on YouTube that features a variety of games such as Minecraft and Roblox. The channel is run by Funneh and her siblings, who call themselves The Krew. They create engaging and humorous content that keeps their audience entertained.

4. Aphmau

Aphmau’s channel focuses primarily on Minecraft roleplays and adventures. Her stories are creative and engaging, making her a favorite among children who enjoy narrative-driven content. Aphmau’s channel also includes other gaming videos, keeping her subscribers entertained with a variety of games.

5. Kids Diana Show

The Kids Diana Show isn’t solely a gaming channel, but it often features video games as part of its diverse content. Diana and her family produce a mix of vlogs, pretend play, and gaming segments, making it a well-rounded YouTube channel for young viewers.

6. Thinknoodles

Thinknoodles is a gaming YouTuber who plays a variety of games including Roblox, Minecraft, and Pokémon. His videos are known for being educational and entertaining, making him a trusted name among popular kids gaming channels on YouTube.

7. PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz focuses on Minecraft and Roblox games, with a blend of high-energy content and creative gameplay. Preston’s channel is particularly popular for its prank and challenge videos, which add an extra layer of excitement to his content.

8. GamerGirl and Sis vs Bro

Karina, known as GamerGirl, and her brother Ronald, feature a mix of gaming and challenge videos on their channel. Their YouTube gaming channel offers a sibling perspective on popular games, making their content relatable and fun for kids.

9. EvanTubeHD

EvanTubeHD is another versatile YouTube channel that includes gaming, toy reviews, and family vlogs. Evan’s content is varied, but his gaming videos are especially popular, providing a mix of video games and real-life adventures.

10. Total Gaming

Total Gaming, also known as Ajju Bhai, is a top gaming YouTuber known for his content on games like Free Fire. His channel is particularly popular in India and features high-level gameplay and tips.

How to Choose Safe and Educational Gaming Channels

Parents often worry about the content their kids consume online. Here are some tips for choosing safe and educational YouTube kids channels:

Benefits of Watching Gaming Channels

Popular kids gaming channels on YouTube offer several benefits:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are gaming channels on YouTube safe for kids?
Many gaming channels on YouTube are safe for kids, especially those designed for younger audiences. However, it’s essential to monitor and review the content and use YouTube Kids for added safety.

How can I find educational gaming content for my child?
Look for channels that offer tutorials, game reviews, and educational gameplay. Common Sense Media is a great resource for finding age-appropriate and educational content.

What are some popular games featured on kids’ gaming channels?
Popular games include Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, and various mobile games. These games are often featured in Let’s Play videos, tutorials, and live streams.

How do YouTube kids’ gaming channels make money?
These channels generate revenue through ad placements, subscribers, brand partnerships, and merchandise sales.

Can watching gaming videos improve my child’s gaming skills?
Yes, watching gaming videos can help kids learn new strategies, tips, and tricks to improve their gameplay.


Popular kids gaming channels on YouTube offer a blend of entertainment, education, and community engagement. By choosing the right channels, parents can ensure their children enjoy safe and enriching content. From Minecraft YouTubers to Roblox YouTubers, the world of YouTube gaming is vast and varied, providing endless opportunities for kids to learn and have fun.

These channels not only entertain but also educate, helping children develop important skills while enjoying their favorite games. Whether it’s through game reviews, video reviews, or creative gameplay, popular kids gaming channels on YouTube continue to be a significant part of modern children’s entertainment.


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