Enjoy San Francisco Adventures for Curious Kids with these Amazing Things to Do with Kids near Me in San Francisco!

Ah, San Francisco – a city brimming with iconic landmarks, Golden Gate grandeur, and endless possibilities for family fun. But with so much to see and do, planning your kid-tastic itinerary can feel like navigating Lombard Street on a tricycle! Minus the screaming, hopefully!).

Fear not, fellow parent adventurers! This guide is your secret map to unlocking the best things to do with kids near you in San Francisco, the Bay Area, and beyond.


Golden Gate Gateway to Fun


Let’s kick things off with the grand dame herself – the Golden Gate Bridge. A dazzling symbol of San Francisco, this engineering marvel inspires awe mere mortals and pint-sized adventurers alike.


Nature, Museums, and More


Golden Gate Park, a vast oasis amidst the city’s urban jungle, offers a smorgasbord of family-friendly adventures, including:


Beyond the Bridge


San Francisco extends far beyond the Golden Gate. For a day trip filled with thrills:


City Slickers


Back in the city, iconic landmarks like Lombard Street (“the crookedest street in the world!”) and Coit Tower offer unique photo ops:


Bonus Adventures


Don’t forget about the hidden gems scattered throughout the San Francisco Bay Area:

For a taste of Walt Disney magic (without the New York crowds):

Remember, the best things to do with kids near you in San Francisco are the ones that create lasting memories. So, grab your little adventurers, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready to explore!

Planning on crossing the Golden Gate Bridge? Chasing sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf? Maybe you want to get lost in the wonders of Golden Gate Park? The Bay Area’s magic awaits.

Just remember, pack your sense of adventure, some healthy snacks, and maybe a few noise-canceling headphones for the ride home. And then, prepare for endless giggles, sticky fingers, and stories that will be told and retold for years to come.

Happy exploring, San Francisco families!


Outdoor Things to do with kids near me in San Francisco


Exploring San Francisco with kids offers a treasure trove of experiences, each unique in its way, providing not just fun but also opportunities for learning and creating lifelong memories. Here’s how each activity can offer a rich experience:


Golden Gate Park Family Activities


  1. Conservatory of Flowers: Immerse your family in a world of exotic plants and vibrant flowers. It’s like stepping into a living rainbow, sparking curiosity and wonder about nature’s diversity.
  2. Stow Lake: Paddle boating here isn’t just fun, it’s a serene bonding experience, offering moments of peace amidst the city’s hustle.
  3. Koret Children’s Quarter: This isn’t just a playground; it’s a step back in time. The vintage carousel offers a whimsical ride, while the play area stimulates active fun.
  4. California Academy of Sciences: It’s a captivating universe under one roof. Imagine your child’s awe at seeing the stars in the planetarium or exotic fish in the aquarium.
  5. Japanese Tea Garden: This garden is a serene sanctuary, offering a gentle introduction to Japanese culture and a tranquil escape from urban life.
  6. De Young Museum’s Hamon Observation Tower: Here’s where the city’s beauty unfolds before your eyes, offering a panoramic view that will stay with you long after you leave.


San Francisco Zoo Family Fun


  1. African Savanna: Watching the graceful giraffes and zebras is like a mini-safari, igniting a sense of adventure and a love for wildlife.
  2. Lemur Forest: The playful antics of the lemurs are not just entertaining but also educational, showcasing the diversity of animal behavior.
  3. Bear Country: Witnessing bears in their element is both thrilling and insightful, offering a deeper understanding of these majestic creatures.
  4. Children’s Zoo: Here, kids don’t just see animals; they interact with them, fostering empathy and a hands-on learning experience.
  5. Insect Zoo: A tiny world with big lessons on biodiversity, encouraging curiosity about the smaller inhabitants of our planet.
  6. Penguin Island: The charm of penguins is irresistible, providing laughter and joy, and an appreciation for marine life.


Family-Friendly Hiking Trails in San Francisco


  1. Lands End Trail: The views here are not just beautiful; they’re storytelling, offering a glimpse into San Francisco’s natural and historical tapestry.
  2. Presidio Trails: Walking these trails is like wandering through history, surrounded by lush greenery and echoes of the past.
  3. Glen Canyon Park: This is an adventure playground, where nature’s own structures provide endless fun and exploration.
  4. Mount Davidson: Reaching the top feels like an accomplishment, rewarding you with sweeping views and a sense of achievement.
  5. Twin Peaks: These iconic hills offer a breathtaking perspective of the city, fostering a sense of wonder and exploration.
  6. Fort Funston: This unique landscape is not just for hiking; it’s for watching the drama of hang gliders against the backdrop of the ocean.


Picnic Spots for Kids Near San Francisco


  1. Crissy Field: It’s not just a picnic spot; it’s a place where the Golden Gate frames your family memories.
  2. Dolores Park: This vibrant park is a slice of San Francisco life, offering community vibes and scenic city views.
  3. Alamo Square: Picnicking here is like being part of a postcard, with the Painted Ladies as your backdrop.
  4. Marina Green: This spot offers not just a meal but a feast for the eyes, with yachts and the bay stretching before you.
  5. Yerba Buena Gardens: This urban oasis combines relaxation with artistic inspiration, perfect for a cultural picnic experience.
  6. Angel Island State Park: A picnic here is a journey, with a ferry ride and panoramic views of the Bay Area.


Children’s Playgrounds in San Francisco


  1. Koret Children’s Quarter: It’s not just play; it’s a blend of history and fun, where classic joy meets modern play equipment.
  2. Helen Diller Playground at Mission Dolores Park: This playground is a burst of creativity, with innovative structures that inspire active play.
  3. Julius Kahn Playground: Set in the Presidio, this playground offers playtime with a view, surrounded by nature and history.
  4. Balboa Park Playground: Here, children can enjoy diverse play areas, perfect for an energetic and engaging day out.
  5. Lafayette Park: This spot combines play with elegance, offering stunning views and a refined environment for family fun.
  6. Bernal Heights Park: Known for its spectacular city views, this park offers not just a playground but a panoramic experience.

Searching for “Things to do with kids near me in San Francisco?” You’ll find that the city is a playground of wonders for families.

With its unique blend of educational museums like:

The city’s diverse range of family-friendly hiking trails and picturesque picnic spots adds to its charm. This makes it an unbeatable destination for creating memorable experiences with children.

So, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, San Francisco’s array of kid-centric activities is sure to delight and engage families of all ages.


Indoor Activities to Do With Kids in San Francisco


San Francisco is an indoor playground of wonder for kids, offering an array of experiences that are both entertaining and enriching. Here’s a detailed guide for each category, with six exciting options to consider:


Children’s Museums in San Francisco


  1. Exploratorium: This museum is a world of scientific wonder, perfect for curious minds. Interactive exhibits teach about physics, biology, and more in a hands-on way.
  2. Children’s Creativity Museum: This museum inspires creative expression and innovation through art and technology, featuring activities like animation and music production.
  3. Randall Museum: Focused on science and nature, this museum offers interactive exhibits, live animals, and craft workshops.
  4. Bay Area Discovery Museum: Located just across the Golden Gate Bridge, it encourages learning through play with a focus on art, science, and environmental education.
  5. Museum of Children’s Arts (MOCHA): Here, art is the language of learning, offering a variety of art classes and workshops.
  6. California Academy of Sciences: Not just a natural history museum, but also an aquarium and planetarium, it’s a place where children can learn about the universe, the earth, and its creatures.


Family-Friendly Theaters in San Francisco


  1. New Conservatory Theatre Center: Known for family-friendly plays and musicals, it’s a great place to introduce kids to the world of theater.
  2. Bay Area Children’s Theatre: Specializes in productions for children, adapting beloved children’s books and stories into engaging plays.
  3. Young Performers Theatre: This theater nurtures young talent and often has performances suitable for family audiences.
  4. The Marsh: Offers a variety of shows, including family-friendly storytelling and solo performances.
  5. American Conservatory Theater: Features a range of productions, some of which are suitable for families and young audiences.
  6. Orpheum Theatre: A historic venue that often hosts touring Broadway shows, many of which are perfect for a family night out.


Kids’ Cooking Classes in San Francisco


  1. Cooking Round the World: Offers a unique culinary experience where kids learn about global cuisines and cultures through cooking.
  2. Sprouts Cooking Club: Focuses on healthy, farm-to-table cooking, teaching kids about nutrition and cooking techniques.
  3. Williams Sonoma Classes for Kids: These classes offer basic cooking skills in a fun and interactive environment.
  4. Young Chef’s Academy: A creative cooking school for kids, offering classes, camps, and birthday parties.
  5. Culinary Artistas: Encourages creativity in the kitchen, offering cooking classes that blend culinary skills with art.
  6. Tante Marie’s Cooking School: Offers occasional workshops for kids, focusing on both sweet and savory dishes.


Indoor Play Areas for Children in San Francisco


  1. Peek-a-Boo Factory: A multi-level play area with a Ninja course and zones for different age groups.
  2. House of Air: A trampoline park where kids can bounce and jump to their heart’s content.
  3. Little Oceanauts: An ocean-themed indoor playground with a large ball pit and obstacle course.
  4. Play Haven: Designed for early childhood learning with art, sensory activities, and a rock-climbing wall.
  5. Peekadoodle Kidsclub: Offers a preschool environment with educational and play-oriented activities.
  6. Recess Collective: A play space that focuses on early development with activities for toddlers and preschoolers.


Family-Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco


  1. Rainforest Cafe: A jungle-themed restaurant where animatronic animals and tropical rainstorms create an adventurous dining experience.
  2. The Stinking Rose: A garlic-themed restaurant that’s fun for kids and offers a unique culinary experience.
  3. Trattoria Pinocchio: An Italian restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, offering dishes that kids and adults alike will enjoy.
  4. Tommy’s Joynt: Known for its eclectic decor and hearty meals, it’s a fun place for a casual family dinner.
  5. Yank Sing: Offers a delightful dim sum experience that’s both delicious and entertaining for kids.
  6. Park Chalet Coastal Beer Garden: With its spacious layout and garden setting, it’s a great spot for families, offering a diverse menu that caters to all tastes.

These things to do with kids in San Francisco presents an opportunity for children to:

So are you interested in interactive museum exhibits? The magic of theater maybe? Looking for the joy of cooking, active indoor play, or a family meal in a welcoming environment? San Francisco’s indoor things to do with kids near me in San Francisco are sure to delight children and adults alike.


Educational Things to do With Kids Near Me in San Francisco


San Francisco is a haven for educational activities that cater to the curious minds of children, offering a diverse range of experiences that blend learning with fun. Here’s a more detailed and engaging look at each category:


Science Museums for Kids in San Francisco


  1. California Academy of Sciences: This is more than just a museum; it’s an indoor rainforest, an aquarium, and a planetarium all rolled into one. Children can marvel at the stars, get up close with sea life, and walk through a living rainforest.
  2. Exploratorium: A place where science meets play. Kids can explore exhibits on light, sound, and human behavior, making complex scientific concepts accessible and fun.
  3. Randall Museum: This hidden gem in Corona Heights Park offers interactive exhibits on science and nature, live animal encounters, and hands-on learning opportunities.
  4. Lawrence Hall of Science: Located in Berkeley, this museum offers stunning views of the Bay and hands-on science exhibits, including a 3D theater and planetarium.
  5. Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose: A short drive from San Francisco, this museum offers interactive exhibits on science, arts, and humanities.
  6. Tech Interactive in San Jose: Kids can immerse themselves in the world of technology and innovation with interactive exhibits and activities.


Art Classes for Children in San Francisco


  1. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA): Offers family-friendly art-making activities and tours that encourage kids to look at art in new ways.
  2. Children’s Art Center in Fort Mason: Specializes in nurturing creativity and artistic skills in children through various mediums.
  3. Sharon Art Studio: Offers classes in ceramics, glassmaking, drawing, and painting in a beautiful setting in Golden Gate Park.
  4. Young Art: Located in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, it provides lessons in drawing, painting, and clay sculpting.
  5. Creativity Explored: Offers art classes and workshops for kids and adults with developmental disabilities, fostering an inclusive environment.
  6. Artworks Fine Art Studio: With several locations, it offers classes in drawing and painting for children and teens.


History Museums for Families in San Francisco


  1. San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park: Kids can explore historic ships and learn about maritime history in a hands-on way.
  2. The Cable Car Museum: Delve into the history of San Francisco’s iconic cable cars and see the machinery in action.
  3. Presidio Officers’ Club: Offers a glimpse into the military history of San Francisco with engaging exhibits.
  4. Golden Gate Railroad Museum: For kids fascinated by trains, this museum offers a look into the history of railroads in California.
  5. Wells Fargo History Museum: Learn about San Francisco’s Gold Rush era with interactive exhibits.
  6. The Beat Museum: Older kids interested in literature and history can explore the world of the Beat Generation.


Children’s Library Activities in San Francisco


  1. San Francisco Public Library: Offers story times, craft activities, and educational programs for children across various branches.
  2. Mission Bay Library: Known for its engaging children’s area and regular family-friendly events.
  3. Chinatown Branch Library: Hosts unique cultural and educational events for kids, including story times in multiple languages.
  4. Glen Park Library: Offers a cozy and welcoming space for children’s book clubs and story hours.
  5. North Beach Library: Regularly organizes children’s reading sessions and educational activities.
  6. Bernal Heights Library: Known for its interactive and educational programs for children of all ages.


Family-Friendly Cultural Events in San Francisco


  1. Chinese New Year Parade: One of the largest celebrations outside of Asia, featuring lion dances, martial arts, and cultural festivities.
  2. Carnaval San Francisco: A colorful and vibrant celebration of Latin American and Caribbean cultures with music, dance, and crafts.
  3. Italian Heritage Parade: Celebrate Italian culture with traditional music, food, and a festive parade.
  4. San Francisco International Film Festival: Offers family-friendly screenings and educational workshops.
  5. Fleet Week: Features ship tours, air shows, and military demonstrations, offering an educational experience about the armed forces.
  6. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass: A free annual music festival in Golden Gate Park that’s great for families who love music and the outdoors.

These things to do with kids near me in San Francisco provide a unique blend of education and entertainment. Indeed, they make learning an exciting adventure for kids to:

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