In today’s digital age, YouTube has become a go-to platform for entertainment and information. It can also be a treasure trove of educational content for children of all ages. But with so many channels vying for their attention, how do you find the ones that are truly enriching and age-appropriate? Fear not, parents and educators! This guide will navigate you through the top educational YouTube channels for children, sparking their curiosity and igniting a love for learning.

Top Educational YouTube Channels for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Sesame Street YouTube

This iconic program translates perfectly to YouTube, offering classic clips and sing-alongs featuring everyone’s favorite furry friends.

PBS Kids YouTube

A trusted name in children’s programming, PBS Kids offers a vast library of educational videos based on beloved shows like Curious George and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Mother Goose Club YouTube

Rhymes, songs, and classic stories come alive with this channel, fostering a love for language and early literacy skills.

Little Baby Bum YouTube

Bright colors, catchy tunes, and simple animations make this channel perfect for introducing toddlers to colors, shapes, and numbers.

Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs YouTube

Original and educational songs about everything from the alphabet to animals make learning a blast.

Top Educational YouTube Channels for Kindergarten – Grade 3 Kids

National Geographic Kids YouTube

Explore the wonders of the natural world with Nat Geo Kids. From fascinating animal facts to explorations of different cultures, it sparks curiosity about science and the world around us.

SciShow Kids YouTube

Science comes alive with fun experiments, engaging animation, and a healthy dose of silliness.

Khan Academy Kids YouTube

Geared towards young learners, Khan Academy Kids offers interactive exercises and playful animation to build core skills in math, reading, and language arts.

Crash Course Kids YouTube (part of the popular Crash Course Series)

Bite-sized lessons on a variety of science topics keep older elementary students engaged with humor and clear explanations.

Storyline Online YouTube

Cuddle up for story time with this channel featuring celebrities reading aloud beloved children’s books.

Top Educational YouTube Channels for Grades 4 and Up

TED-Ed YouTube

These animated lessons cover a wide range of subjects, sparking critical thinking and offering in-depth explorations for curious minds. Be sure to choose age-appropriate topics.

National Geographic YouTube

Take a deeper dive into the world of science, history, and exploration with National Geographic’s stunning documentaries and reports.

SciShow Psych YouTube (part of the SciShow network)

Explore the fascinating world of psychology with engaging explanations of human behavior.

Crash Course YouTube

This channel offers in-depth, high school-level courses on a variety of subjects like history, literature, and government. It’s a great resource for older kids looking for a challenge.

FreeSchool YouTube

This channel offers a curriculum-aligned approach to learning, with free video lessons across a variety of subjects.

Top Educational YouTube Channels for Children Beyond the Classroom

Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube

Get active and learn mindfulness with Cosmic Kids Yoga. Yoga poses come to life through engaging stories and themes, making it a fun way for kids of all ages to exercise and de-stress.

Art for Kids Hub YouTube

Aspiring artists can hone their skills with step-by-step drawing and art tutorials.

Homeschool Pop YouTube

This channel offers a variety of educational content geared towards homeschoolers, but is a valuable resource for any parent looking for engaging learning activities.

Netflix Jr. YouTube

Safe and curated playlists of educational shows from Netflix Jr., perfect for screen time that entertains and educates.

Tips for Safe and Positive Viewing of Top Educational YouTube Channels for Children

While these channels offer a fantastic launchpad for learning, it’s important to remember that YouTube is a vast platform. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and positive viewing experience for your child:








Turning Screen Time into Learning Time

By using these tips and exploring the fantastic educational channels available, you can transform YouTube from a source of mindless entertainment into a valuable tool for sparking curiosity, fostering a love of learning, and enriching your child’s development. Remember, the key is to be an active participant in your child’s online journey, turning screen time into a positive and enriching experience.



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