Finding the best toddler apps for iPad free will help your child learn and have fun through a medium they love- the internet.

In the digital world we’re living in, kids naturally fall in love with smart gadgets. And being a digital parent, you should take complete advantage of this love by using the iPad to help your toddler learn and gain fundamental skills.

To get you started, here are the best free apps for 2 year olds:

Toddler Apps for iPad Free to Boost Reading, Mathematics skills & Languages

1. Khan Academy Kids

This is one of the best toddler apps for iPad free with over 100 games and great lessons for toddlers. Your kids will learn basic math skills, reading, writing, and phonics, among other social-emotional development skills.

If your child loves music, there’s a lot to choose from on this free iPad app for toddlers. Depending on your child’s age, you can let them select the lessons or choose the age-appropriate lessons on their behalf.

2. PBS Kids

Key Features

Depending on your location, you can choose to play the games in English or Spanish. And for kids that love to try out new things, they can switch between the 2 languages.

3. Fish School

 Your little ones will love watching colorful fishes swim around while creating various shapes, letters, plus letters. Even better, the kids will have fun matching fish in different colors and pointing the odd one out.

Key Features

Best Toddler Apps for iPad Free to Teach Problem-Solving Abilities


Key Features

5. Breathe Think Do

Key Features

Best Toddler Apps for iPad Free to Encourage Creativity

6. Musical Me!

Do you have a little kid that only wants to have fun? Install Musical Me app on your iPad. With top-quality music and great graphics, your little one will love dancing to simple, beautiful tunes.

And because most of the songs are popular nursery rhymes, you and your toddler will find it easy to sing along.

7. Baby Shark Best Kids Songs

Key Features

At home or while traveling, your kids will enjoy listening to the best kids’ songs and amazing stories for hours!

8. Learning Game for Toddlers

Key Features

Best of all, there are no annoying ads making this one of the best toddler apps for iPads free! Your child will enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun and learning with no unnecessary interruptions.

9. Peekaboo Barn

Key Features

To make learning easier, there’s an English voice to reveal the item displayed. For instance, if a dog barks or a vehicle appears on the screen, the voice will identify the name of the animal or car.

10. ThinkFun Zingo Word Builder

Key Features

To make the game even more fun, you can play Zingo work builder game in twos or more players at a time.

11. Kindergarten Learning Games

Key Features:

To get the kids to learn everything age-appropriate in the app, you can allocate enough time for each activity. This way, they’ll not waste all their time coloring and ignore the more challenging spelling, and alphabet learning activities.

There you have it! 10+ best iPad apps for toddlers on airplane. If you have another selection of best free apps for 3 year olds, please share with us in the comments section.

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