Christmas time is a period of cheer, celebration and a time to get together by playing Christmas games for seniors.

When you host friends over or are out even with work-mates, you want to bring everybody closer together. Games are a fun way to break the ice and make them feel at ease with each other.

Many Christmas games for the elderly feature mature themes so it is very important that you know and understand your audience.

A bit of silly humor can be great fun but avoid going too far if you are not sure your guests will blend in.

Here are suggestions of some of the best Christmas games for seniors:


Top 10 Christmas games for seniors


1.Gifts wrapping game

For this game you will require a few Christmas gifts and wrapping material.

Have the seniors pair up in twos and give each pair a present and their wrapping material.

Using only one hand for each of the two, have them wrap their gift.

The pair that does it fastest and neatest gets a present or a drink. This breaks the ice really quick and encourages mingling among them.


2. Alphabet drinking game

Go through the alphabet in a circle as each person says a Christmas related name or song for the letter they have.

If you hesitate you drink. The more you fail the more you drink.

Remember, you don’t have to take alcoholic drinks while playing these Christmas games for seniors.

As much as you want to enjoy Christmas, the health of the seniors is a top priority.


3. Couple flour game

This is a game for couples who have come together for Christmas.

After putting the kids to sleep, this can really be a fun-filled activity.

For this game you will need two wide plates filled up with flour.

A couple sits at a table each one with their plate full of flour.

The lady starts by asking their partner about their Christmas likes, fantasies or about something she has done during Christmas in the past.

The question could be about color of something she gave him for Christmas.

If he fails then she dips his face in the plate of flour and now it is his turn to ask her. This game brings people together and gets couples knowing each other more.


4. Christmas charades

Charades can be a great and fun activity to get seniors to mingle and know each other. Come up with a list of things related to Christmas for the guests to team up in twos and act out. Some good options include jingle bells, snow angels, decorating a Christmas tree.


5. Never-have-I-ever

This is the age-old game with the same rules only this time you introduce a little Christmas-themed adult content on the list of questions.

If a guest has never then they have to take a shot of their drink.


6. Complete my lyrics game

For this game, you need huge balloons filled up with water.

The guest sits on a chair as another holds a balloon full of water over their head ready to burst it.

You then play a random Christmas carol and pause it randomly and the guest has to complete the lyrics.

If they cannot sing then the balloon is burst and all the water spilled on them.

If the water idea is not welcome based on the weather and place, you can replace it with another punishment like drinking a shot of tequila every time someone fails.


7. Christmas sing-along

Music is always a great way to have fun in any occasion and Christmas is no exception.

Another way to use music in an adult Christmas game is to assign a line from the classic carol ’12 days of Christmas’ to each guest to sing.

Have someone conduct it and keep increasing the tempo as each guest jumps in to sing their line.

At the end everyone should be laughing so hard and maybe a little out of breath.

Anyone who fails is out of the game and has to take a sip of their drink.

If the guests are more than the 12 lines then you can create more lines or have substitutes for anyone that fails to ensure everyone takes part.


8. Christmas card couples

Cut a Christmas card into halves then give each guest that arrives half a card.

The goal is for them to mingle with the other guests and find the other half.

Any other games you play the two become partners for the games.

Great business or personal relationships have been created this way.


9. Christmas musical chair game

For this Christmas game for seniors, you can add a little twist to make it more fun for adults.

Arrange chairs in a circle and let the seniors dance to Christmas carols going around the chairs.

The number of chairs has to be one less than the number of guests.

Play the songs and pause randomly. Every time the music stops everyone has to sit on one chair.

The one who remains standing with no chair is thrown out of the game.

At this point you can introduce other adult themed dares where the one that failed can be dared to do anything like ‘kiss the floor’ or ‘make a pig sound’.

If they cannot then they pay a small agreed amount of money.

All the money collected can be given to the final winner or donated to charity or any other use that the group agrees on.


10. Truth or dare

This is among the simplest Christmas games for seniors that everyone knows how to play and also, easy to dive into.

Some of the ideas on your list of things to do can range from ‘jumping like a frog’ to ‘kiss a stranger in the group’.

These ‘dares’ however, should be very carefully thought out depending on the kind of guests you have and how well you know them.

Any player that fails to comply with the ‘dare’ can be made to sing any popular carol or take a shot of tequila.

At the end you can have a list of questions for the player to answer if they choose ‘truth’.


Ready for Some Hilarious Christmas Games for Seniors?


The main idea behind Christmas is to be merry, get together and share the joy.

If you can afford to, give presents and money to charity.

You can even go as a group to a hospital and play your games there with those who can.

For those who cannot play, simply watching you play can really cheer them up.

Do you know other fun Christmas games for seniors? Please share with us in the comment section.


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