13 Fun and Inexpensive Work Christmas Party Ideas

Searching for the best work Christmas party ideas for this year’s festive season?

You want to ensure that more people attend the party and have MAD FUN from start to finish?

You are in the right place!

Whether yours is a simple work Christmas party on a budget or a classy, extravaganza-style work Christmas party, these corporate Christmas party ideas are just perfect.

It is said that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So, let’s check out some amazing Christmas office party ideas;


13 Fun Work Christmas Party Ideas Everyone will Enjoy


1. Pet party

Searching for employee Christmas party idea that is unique and fun? Why not try a pet party!

You can throw a pet-friendly party for example for cats and dogs or choose a pet option that most folks have.

Be sure that pets are properly vaccinated and play well with others.

This simple activity can create an environment where employees of different ranks can interact freely about pets and other things.


2. Christmas around the world

This highlights the ways different cultures celebrate Christmas.

This requires that you first research celebrations in different nations, gather appropriate foods and drinks, decorations, songs and have the teams take part at it.

This is fun and learning all at once.


3. Holiday photo booth

These are both fun and memorable.

You can have a Christmas themed booth where individuals or teams take funny photos.

It’s a lot of fun as different people try to come up with fun-filled ideas on the booth photos.

Don’t forget to award the funniest photo!


4. Online mixology classes

Decide on a few seasonal cocktails like peppermint martinis, spiked gingerbread eggnog and more.

Book an expert and schedule everyone for classes as a group.

The expert then schools them on mixing, shaking and pouring techniques.

This activity is a simple fun-filled way to have the members easily bonding.


5. Silent night discos

Provide employees with headphones and djs broadcast music directly to listeners.

If you don’t have access to this kind of equipment, ask the attendees to provide their own music to listen to via smartphones or iPod.

During this session the attendees have their headphones on and dance to different songs.

To an outside observer, the room is completely silent. However, participants groove to their favorite tunes.

This approach means that no one has to endure a song they can’t stand. Simply epic.


6. Office charity event

You can have the office contribute an amount of money, individuals in the office can also contribute.

All the money raised can be used to buy goods and visit foster homes or patients in hospitals.

Participants associate such good deeds to Christianity therefore get very fulfilled.

This serves as a work party activity as well as a noble act of kindness to people who really need it.


7. Karaoke night

This is a wonderful crowd-pleasing activity that makes it extremely easy for employees to freely interact and foam long lasting bonds.

It easily makes participants feel at ease with each other and shake off work for a little fun


8. An art class or wine and paint night

On this you can have employees take part in various creative activities like crocheting or painting anything they want over a glass of wine.

This can help bring out other talents besides office work and is fun at the same time.


9. Indoor snowball fight

Snowball fights are one of the most fun seasonal activities.

This can bring out your employees mischievous and competitive sides.

You will need to buy snowball fight kits, split the group into teams, give each player a set number of snowballs and let the game begin.

Players who get hit are out until the last man standing becomes the ultimate winner.


10. Merry movie night

This is a low-key activity that not too high-pressure.

It makes an ideal environment for introverted staff.

Holiday films can bring about a sense of nostalgia and aid in team bonding


11. Work vacation

You can opt to organize a vacation for your employees.

This can be only employees or you can have a slot for one more person for each employee that participates.

These are recommended for only a few days to allow availability of the plus one people who are actually not company employees.


12. Never have I ever

This is an ice breaker game that encourages players to fess up about their past deeds.

This is a Christmas themed version of the game. Here are some Christmas never-have-I-ever prompts to start you off;

  • Re-gifted a present
  • Ruined a Christmas surprise because I snooped
  • Kissed someone under mistletoe
  • Broken up with someone on Christmas day
  • Been to the hospital on Christmas
  • Accidentally drank alcoholic eggnog
  • Enjoyed fruitcake
  • Dressed up like an elf
  • Forgotten to buy a loved one a Christmas present
  • Brought someone I disliked a petty present
  • Got stuck in an airport during Christmas time
  • Watched home-alone more than five times in one month
  • Threatened my kids that Santa wasn’t coming


13. Tree decorating competition

This is one of the most interesting work Christmas party ideas!

For this activity, get the following items;

  • Mini Christmas trees
  • Split groups into teams
  • Give the teams twenty to thirty minutes to trim and decorate the trees
  • Have each team explain their design
  • Pick a winner

You can set up a theme and have the teams make a cohesive theme from random ornaments.

The point of this exercise is to think up and pull off an amusing theme that catches the attention of the judges and co-workers.


It’s Time to Put these Amazing Work Christmas Party Ideas to Action!

Your employees have been to many corporate end year parties and have most likely seen it all or simply put, they have been there, done that.

Going above and beyond in planning is what makes you and your company stand out.

It shows that the company cares about the employees and their experience.

This in turn makes the employees feel more appreciated and valued. You would be surprised how far such small things go in terms of employees’ productivity.

Do you have other work Christmas party ideas or know some great tips to host an amazing Christmas party for employees?

Let us know in the comment section.


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