Top 10 Christmas Activities for Teens

Christmas activities for teens they actually love and enjoy!

Like most parents, you want to hang onto your kids a little longer, but still, you want them to enjoy their Christmas holiday.

You want them to engage in activities they truly enjoy.

But there’s a problem… your teen is in a completely different phase in life.

And unlike during childhood when they were carefree, they now want to be part of social groups and to really fit in.

Teenagers are in a stage of defining who they are away from their close family.

But don’t worry- this doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun during the Christmas holiday.

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 unique Christmas activities for teenagers to help them create amazing memories.

What’s even better is that these Christmas activities for teens are friends-focused and will help you spend quality time as a family.

10 Fun Christmas Activities for Teens


#1. Christmas Karaoke Parties

Do your teenager and their friends enjoy singing? Maybe you’ve walked in on them singing?

Well, why not organize a Christmas karaoke party for them?

Depending on your budget, here are some amazing supplies you can buy to make the karaoke party more fun:

#2. Go Skating

During Christmas, lots of ice rinks pop up, making it an amazing time to get skating.

To make it more fun, you can schedule your skating for later in the afternoon or early evenings when it’s a little dark.

The teens will love the view of shining Christmas lights as they have fun skating.


#3. Organize a Professional Holiday Photoshoot

How about creating some lasting, beautiful memories by organizing a photoshoot?

Let everyone (including pets) dress up, hire a professional photographer, and enjoy a family photography session.

Even better, you can get your teenagers a great instant print camera and let them go for an exclusive photography session.

Let them choose the location and dress code so they can truly enjoy the holidays.

If you’re working on a budget, you can decorate your backyard for the photoshoot.


#4. Create Gingerbread Houses

Transform this Christmas holiday tradition by creating a Gingerbread House building contest.

You can buy a safe Christmas cookie cutter set to create 3D versions of your favorite Christmas shapes.

The teens can use clay or dough to build beautiful, unique houses and then, complete to see the most creative among them.

If there’s an award for the most creative piece, they’ll give their all for this Christmas activity for teens.


#5. Let Your Teens Handle the Christmas Decorations

This is one of the best Christmas activities for teens to show them that you believe in them.

Take them out for shopping and let them choose the Christmas decorations- of course, ensure they are within your budget

And after the shopping spree, give them the freedom to mount the Christmas decorations.

Here are some amazing Christmas decoration ideas:

#6. Organize a Christmas Movie Marathon

Let your teenage daughter or son invite their friend for a fun-filled movie night.

Here are our top 7 Christmas movie ideas:

#7. Make Christmas Cards

How about helping your teens to bring out the creativity in them this Christmas?

Want to know how?

By giving the responsibility of creating this year’s Christmas cards to them!

If you have some great photos, let the teens select what photos go into each Christmas card.

You can also make it more exciting by organizing a photoshoot in preparation for creating the Christmas cards.

And because the teens are in charge, let them choose the location and decide the dress code for the photoshoot.

Don’t forget to have some Christmas deco in the background to truly bring out the spirit of the season.

You can buy these amazing card making kits to give your photos a more professional, custom look.


#7. Organize an Ugly Sweater Party

Nothing is more refreshing than a good laugh! For these types of Christmas activities for teens:

  • Allow your teens to invite their friends over
  • Ask each teen to bring their craziest Christmas holiday sweater
  • At some point during the party, organize a reveal and have every teen wear their ugly sweater
  • To make it more interesting, you can vote to see who has the ugliest Christmas party sweater.

#8. Hold a White Elephant Christmas Party

Everyone, children and adults love presents, and there’s no better way to make Christmas than a white elephant gift exchange.

For this activity, you’ll ask your teens to invite their friends over and bring a wrapped gift with them. (for uniformity, you can ask them to buy gifts not exceeding $20).

Later during the party, the teens will take turns picking gifts from the table.

You can make the gifting more fun by encouraging teens to bring funny Christmas gifts.

Here are a few elephant gift ideas for teens:

#9. Bake Bake Bake

One of the most fulfilling Christmas activities for teens is baking together.

Depending on their preference, the teens can bake together or come with already-baked cookies and eat them together.

If there’s a new recipe they learned recently, now is a perfect time to try it out.

Even better, you can hire a professional chef to teach your teens some new recipes.

#10. Do a Christmas Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Children and teens love scavenger hunts, especially when you customize them to match their age.

Because teens are more knowledgeable, you can make the scavenger hunt more complex and interesting.

During the scavenger hunt, one clue will lead to the next one until one finds the treasure.

You can create your own clues or buy some printable scavenger hunt clues with solutions and hiding spots ideas.

Do you know of other exciting Christmas activities for teens? Share them with us in the comments section.


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