What will you get for your eight year old boy for his birthday? And what are the best gift ideas for eight year old boy who likes sports?

My eight-year-old boy is a full-grown man now. At least that’s what he thinks of himself.

He will not get into the school bus anymore, he wants to cycle himself there.

He tidies up his own room and does not want me inside his room un-announced.

Can you believe that? My own little baby boy??

He is slowly becoming independent and needing me a little less every day.

I know it’s a great thing but I wasn’t ready for this. I didn’t see it coming.

Hard as it might be for me, I have to accept this and give him his space.

All I need is know that wherever he is, he is okay. I also need to show him that I care, that if and when he needs me, I will be there.

Now this Christmas which doubles up as his birthday month, I know it’s going to be a little difficult to gift him.

He has become too choosy and sensitive about what he allows into his space. I have done a lot of research and come up with great ideas on what would excite my boy.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for eight year old boy who likes sports I came up with;


13 Superb Gift Ideas for Your Sporty Eight-Year-Old Boy?


  1. Bluetooth smart musical device
  2. Classic kids’ wrist watch
  3. Racing toy car
  4. Volume limiting kids Bluetooth headphones
  5. A bi-fold wallet
  6. A football
  7. Junior wayfarer glasses
  8. Kids inflatable boat
  9. Steel balance stilts
  10. Micro-scooter
  11. Kids mini drone
  12. Collapsible water bottle
  13. Glow-in-the-dark football light up
  14. Glow-in-the-dark soccer net


Bluetooth musical device


If I got him a Bluetooth device, I know he would love his space more.

All his time away in his room would be much more fun and the cleaning easier.

He would no longer keep ‘stealing’ his dad’s device. His room would be sort of complete.


Classic kids’ wrist watch


He has just recently learnt to read our home clock. Since then he has become more time-conscious and vocal about what he does when.

His own classic wrist watch would be an added advantage for this new man he has become. I’m sure it’s a superb idea.


Racing toy car


Every time we step into the mall I can’t help but notice how badly the racing toy cars session steal his attention.

One of these cars would definitely be a welcome idea any day.

I would love watching him reverse-park next to his dad’s new car in our garage.

Definitely a great idea!


Volume-limiting kids Bluetooth device


Lately, it has been difficult to settle on a good-enough playlist in our family car especially when we travel together.

Our kind of music has suddenly grown too old-fashioned for him. His own playlist amidst all the not-good-enough music in the car would most definitely go a long way.

What better way to achieve that than a volume-limiting kids Bluetooth device?


Bi-fold wallet


I’m told a wallet, especially one that is full gives a man a domineering sense of power and security. I would definitely want my boy to have that feeling of control.

He is going to have to manage his own savings though, because why feel like a man if you are not really one?


A football


I have long ago made peace with the fact that I will never really understand the big deal about football games.

This time falls around world cup and almost one hundred percent of men across the globe are focused on their screens.

My son is no exception. I could gift him a football but I will never really get the fuss that comes with it.

As long as he is happy right?


Kids’ inflatable boat


This, I would never have thought of, had I not seen him get extreme excitement from a hired boat we got at a recent family vacation.

A kids’ inflatable boat is both convenient and safe which makes it a perfect idea for a gift for my all-grown-boy


Steel balance stilts


These are a great deal of fun and they will most definitely help him learn to balance himself.

I I’m positive he will love them and enjoy the balancing with his friends who ‘steal’ most of his time from us.




This is really an all-time favorite among kids his age.

It is both fun and a learning experience all in one, this I’m sure he would love as even people way older that he is still find it fun.


Kids’ mini drone


This would be a great gift. It is both modern and a fantastic learning experience.

My son is a fun of new things. A drone would most likely entice him into new discoveries. I wouldn’t mind one myself.


Collapsible water bottle


This kind of a bottle would suite any child that loves sports.

Anywhere amid games one needs to hydrate.

This bottle is flexible to fit in a small space as it is foldable and enlarged when you need to put water inside.

Its non-spill and portable too making it the perfect gift ideas for an eight year old boy who likes sports.


A glow-in-the-dark football light-up


I mentioned earlier that my boy loves his space and has recently made it more private.

If your son loves his space private, then helping him glam it a little with man-like lights would earn you two points up their popular-persons list.

A glow-in-the-dark football light-up is just the perfect gift to help you up the ladder.


A glow-in-the-dark soccer net


Just imagine playing soccer with your friends but then different from theirs’, your soccer net glows as you play your final minutes away.

Well, that’s just one of the ideas I have for my son’s gift this Christmas.


Hurray! 13 Amazing Gift Ideas for an Eight Year Old Boy Who Likes Sports


All a parent really wants is for their kids to be okay and do better than they [parents] are.

To achieve that we all do the best we can to support them. If a little gift here and there helps us achieve that then any idea is more than welcome.

Know of other gift ideas for an eight year old boy who likes sports? Share with us in the comments section.


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