Gift For the Little girl Who Has Everything- 15+ Brilliant Gifts

Besides toys, makeup kits, books, and everything a girl fancies, what are the ideal gifts for the girl who has everything?

For performing well in school, finishing their chores, being responsible, name it…you’ve given your little girl everything a girl her age would ever dream of.

But there’s an upcoming holiday and you don’t know the best gifts for the girl who has everything.

Well, this article is for you!

When we think about gifting someone we consider things they may need, things they may want, something they can read or something to wear.

For an average child, getting them a bicycle would be important as they would need it to cycle to school.

If you got a play station for such a child, it will excite them because it would be something they want though not really need.

For a child who has everything however, none of those gifts would mean a thing because they most probably already have them.

Your gift would therefore be an addition to their collection and most probably end up stuffed away to collect dust like a pile of other items the child already has.

Such a child would need you to think beyond the ordinary if you want your gift to matter to them.

For this special child, don’t think of toys and gadgets. Think about gifts of time and experience!


What Exactly are the Perfect Gifts for the Girl Who has Everything?


For this special little girl, here are a few ideas to consider;

  1. A date
  2. A coupon or certificate
  3. Teach them a technique
  4. A conversation
  5. Make a modern mixtape
  6. Write a letter
  7. A movie night
  8. Family game night
  9. Shoot the joy moments
  10. Give back together
  11. Vacation
  12. Mail a surprise
  13. Go to a show
  14. Go to a movie
  15. A camping trip


A date


Little girls just like mature ladies, love attention.

Organize a night out with your little girl to the most beautiful place you can afford, make it about her entirely and give her all your time and attention.

Treat her like a lady. She will be singing your praises years after that one night. Maybe her whole life


A coupon or certificate


Make a coupon for kids-friendly experiences.

Carry out an activity every day. You can come up with fun activities like ‘camping out in the living-room’ ‘make a tent in the backyard and watch stars’ think up other activities for a few days.

Kids will appreciate anything out of the ordinary schedule.


Teach them a technique


Taking time off your busy schedule to pass on a technique to your kid is a great way of spending time and a great gift too.

If you are a pianist for example, you can pass that on as a gift to them. It is not only a gift but a life-long experience that will benefit them all their lives.

A conversation


Think of topics you would like to talk about with your kid, write them down on sheets of paper, fold them and put them in a jar.

Every day after dinner shake the jar and have your child pick one sheet.

Have a conversation about what is written on that sheet.

This will give you time with the child, help you bond and will definitely be memorable to your child.


A modern mixtape


Select a few songs that are fun and your kid’s favorite, save them up in a kids-friendly flash drive.

Wrap it up in a small gift box and present to your kid.

They will have fun every time they play it and will most definitely know you thought of them while you made it.


Write a letter


Write a special hand written letter about your favorite moments with the child, remind them of that funny moment when you both laughed so hard your stomach hurt.

This will double up as a gift and a souvenir.

It will forever remind them of not only the moments you shared but how much you valued them.


Give a movie night in a box


Take your favorite family dvd, add some movie accompaniments like popcorn, a bottle of soda, a cosy blanket and wrap them up in a nice gift box and mail to your child.


Plan a family game night


Pick a date on your calendar, print out an invitation card with your child’s name on it.

List a number of your favorite family game. You can include an exciting new game.

Wrap them all up in a gift box. Include snacks to and present to your child. Be sure to do all that’s printed on your invite card


Shoot your joy moments


Record all the fun moments you have as a family including that funny baking-gone-wrong day. Book a session with your photographer for that day at the beach.

Put all together in one disk. Include a car with a short beautiful message and wrap it nicely and present to the child.


Give back together


Organize a charity or volunteer activity with your child.

It will not only serve as a lesson for your child but also a memorable activity that you enjoyed together.




Pick a special day for your baby and organize to take a vacation together.

You can organize it on their birthday without their knowledge and travel to a fun place that the child hasn’t been before.

This is a gift that she will remember forever whereas a gadget like the latest phone will be quickly outdated and forgotten if not broken.


Mail her a surprise


Get a fun magazine or a beautiful story-book and mail it to the child.

She will be very excited to get a mail addressed just to them and they will enjoy reading.

You will be creating a memory and building your child’s reading skills all at once.


Go to a show


Get tickets to a local arts center like a ballet dance show or a musical event like a gospel performance.

It may be their first ever and will have them talking about it long after it is over.


Go to a movie


Buy tickets and let your child select the movie they want.

You can slide the tickets into a festive envelop and surprise your child. Take time off and go to the theatre together.


A camping trip


A camping trip is one of the activities a child could enjoy most.

This is time away from the usual and gives a sense of heroism.

Also, it is one of the few activities that gives a child lessons on survival tactics.


Chosen the Best Gifts for the girl who has everything?


Any way you look at it, any moment spent with your child is priceless.

We learn to enjoy every bit and try the best we can not to get too caught up in making a life for them that we miss out on life with them.

Do you have other suggestions on the best gifts for the girl who has everything? Share with us on the comments section.

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