9 Amazing Painting Activities for 7 Year Olds

From simple painting activities for 7 year olds using paint brush to the more elaborate painting work, we bring you the best paint-filled ideas. Whether your 7 year old is a natural-born artist or a beginner, these amazing painting projects will get his little hands messy and his creativity top-notch.

From using paintbrushes, to little fingers, and bubbles, these 7 old painting ideas will make your child have fun, learn, and grow fine motor skills:

9 Easy Painting Activities for 7 Year Olds


1. Acrylic Paint Pouring



  • Plastic cup
  • Clear glue
  • Liquid paint
  • Canvas
  • Water
  • Art trays
  • Paint bottles
  • Pencils
  • Water color cups

How to:

– Mix clear glue, water, and paint in a paint bottle as follows:

  • ¼ bottle with glue, add some water, and then add one paint color
  • Repeat the process above with a different paint color and the next one.
  • Shake the mixture well

– squeeze each alternating layer into a paint cup.

– place canvas on each paint cup, and then flip the cups upside down so that the paint remains on the canvas.

– Slowly tilt the canvas to allow the colors to cover the entire surface.

– Wait up to 24 hours for the pain to dry.


2. Ice Painting



  • Washable paint
  • Ice cube tray
  • Water

How to:

– Fill your ice cube tray up to 1/3 with your favorite paint colors. You can pour as many colors as you want.

– Freeze the ice tray for about 4 to 6 hours

– While frozen, it’ll be easy to pop the ice cubes out of the tray

– Give your 7 year old some papers and frozen paint and let the fun begin!

These painting activities for 7 year olds are ideal on hot summer days when everyone needs something to cool off.


3. Leaf Painting



  • Acrylic paint
  • White cardstock
  • Leaf

How to:

– Apply enough paint to the back side of the leaf

– Press the leaf on the cardstock while rubbing and pressing all parts of the leaf. This will ensure that the leaf veins leaves impressions on the paper.

-alternatively, you can apply paint around the back side of the leaf, leaving the inner part untouched. Then, press the leaf firmly on your paper to make a leaf painting silhouette.


4. Paper Tube Painting



  • Paper tubes
  • Water paint
  • Kids paintbrushes

How to:

– Using a paintbrush, paint the paper rolls beginning with the upper end and then leave them to dry. Once the upper side is dry, flip the paper rolls and paint the lower end and then give the rolls time to dry.

– To create an even more beautiful artwork, you can use different colors per paper tube and then, mix them up. Also, as a way of learning different colors, you can ask your 7 year olds to separate the paper rolls based on the colors.

This game is ideal for learning critical thinking, knowing about different colors, and problem solving.


5. Mirror Painting


If you’ve been ignoring mirrors at garage sales, you are missing a lot. Adding mirrors to painting activities for 7 year olds will give your kids a new exciting experience.

The activity is simple, pick some liquid paint, add a little dish soap and give it to your kids. Your 7 year old will express the spirit of art by painting whatever he wants on the mirror.

Whether they feel like creating a rainbow or any beautiful artwork of choice, let them express their imagination. And when everyone is finished, simply pick some water and clean the paint off.

You can make it more fun by hosing the mirror to remove the paint and do the same to wash the paint off your kids! (Ensure you do this outside to avoid creating a mess in the house.


6. Cute Little Monsters


What You Need

  • Fork
  • White cardstock
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Googly eyes of different sizes
  • Black sharpie

How to:

– Depending on your preference, draw the shape of your little monster- oval, triangle, rectangle, sircle, triangle, and more. Because your cardstock is white in color, we recommend drawing your monster using black sharpies.

– dip your fork in paint and use it to decorate your little monster and leave it to dry.

– On another white cardstock, draw your monster’s mouth, making sure that the lines are easy to cut out.

-Take the googly eyes, the bigger ones and the smaller ones and glue them to your monster. You’ll also glue the mouth.


7. Bubbles N More Bubbles!


What You Need

  • Plastic containers
  • Liquid dishwashing soap
  • Straws
  • Push pin
  • Construction paper
  • Paint in different colors

How to:

– Using a push pin, poke some holes into each straw so your 7 year old will not mistakenly drink the paint solution.

– Add some paint in the plastic container, followed by some dish soap, and some water

– When making your paint mixture, make it thin enough so your kids will not have trouble blowing the solution

– Give straws to your 7 year olds so they can blow bubbles that should expand towards the top of your plastic container.

– Press a paper over these bubbles to make some interesting prints.

-To make even more beautiful prints, you can combine your kids’ favorite colors before blowing the bubbles. Also, you can try out these painting activities for 7 year olds using different papers.

8. Smack N Splatters Painting Activities


This painting activity for 7 year olds can get messy! So, for your peace of mind, let your kids carry this activity outside.

For this one, soap some sponges in paints of different colors and then, place them on different papers. Then, give each kid a spoon and let them splash the paint all over the paper- and on everyone too!

The paint spats will not only create some amazing artwork but also, leave a huge smile on everyone taking part in the activity.


9. Toothbrush Painting


If you’re searching for the best painting activities for 7 year olds to keep them engaged indoors, try toothbrush painting. The activity is quite affordable since you’ll mostly be using locally available materials- such as that toothbrush you’re about to throw away.

After putting your paint in plastic containers, let the kids dip the brush in the paint and create some fine art on papers, foam cups, and more!


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