Are you Looking for Free Activities for Kids in Ogden, Utah? A Family-Friendly Guide is Here for You!

When it comes to family-friendly fun, Ogden, Utah, stands out with its myriad of offerings. Not only is it a stone’s throw away from the bustling hub of Salt Lake City, but the city itself is brimming with free activities for kids.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, we’ve got a handy list for you, ensuring your kids stay entertained without breaking the bank.

Things to do with kids in Ogden, Utah for Free

Free Outdoor activities for kids in Ogden, Utah

  1. Nature Walks at Ogden Nature Center: Let your kids explore the wilderness, spot local wildlife, and participate in guided tours.
  2. Visit Ogden Botanical Garden: Introduce your children to various plant species and the importance of horticulture.
  3. Historic 25th Street: A stroll down this area lets your family soak in the local culture, with occasional street performances and festivals.
  4. Local Parks: Ogden has numerous parks where kids can play, have picnics, or fly kites.

Free Indoor activities for kids in Ogden, Utah

  1. Ogden Valley Treehouse Museum: Although there’s usually an admission fee, look out for free days or community events when they open their doors to the public at no cost.
  2. Hill Aerospace Museum: Teach your kids about aviation history and marvel at the array of aircraft on display.

Explore History and Architecture:

  1. Union Station: Home to several museums, the building itself is a piece of history. Even without entering the paid areas, the architecture and ambience are worth the visit.
  2. Drive around Ogden’s Historic District: Simply driving around, you can view architectural gems and perhaps even create a fun scavenger hunt for your kids.

Community Events:

  1. Local Library Events: The Ogden library often holds free events for kids, from reading sessions to craft workshops.
  2. Farmers Market: While purchasing might cost money, walking through, and experiencing the vibrancy of the local Farmer’s Market can be a joy for kids.
  3. Community Festivals: Keep an eye on Ogden’s events calendar. The city frequently hosts festivals, parades, and other community gatherings that are free to attend.

Scenic Drives:

  1. Ogden Canyon Scenic Drive: A short drive that offers breathtaking views, especially during the fall. There are also spots to pull over and enjoy the view.

Free museums in Ogden, Utah

Ogden, Utah, is rich in history and culture, and while not all museums are free, many do offer free admission days or are entirely free to the public. Here are some free museums or ones that occasionally offer free days:

Hill Aerospace Museum

Located at Hill Air Force Base, this museum is completely free and showcases the history of aviation, especially as it pertains to the U.S. Air Force. With over 90 aircraft displays, it’s a must-visit for aviation enthusiasts.

Ogden Union Station Museums

While there’s typically a fee, Ogden’s Union Station houses several museums including the Utah State Railroad Museum, John M. Browning Firearms Museum, and the Kimball Classic Car Museum. They occasionally host special events or community days where admission is waived or significantly discounted.

DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts

Not a museum in the traditional sense, but this charter school often holds exhibitions and showcases that are open to the public, emphasizing arts, science, and creativity.

Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll

Again, not a traditional museum, but on the first Friday of every month, galleries across Ogden open their doors for free. It’s a great way to experience local art and culture.

Treehouse Children’s Museum

While there’s an admission fee for most days, they sometimes offer community or sponsored days where entrance is free or heavily discounted. The museum provides interactive, hands-on art and science exhibits and experiences for children and families.

Always remember to check the respective museum’s official website to confirm days of free admission or any special promotions. Even the museums with admission fees often have days where they’re accessible for free or at a discounted rate.

Free parks in Ogden, Utah

Ogden, Utah, boasts a variety of parks that are free and accessible to the public. These parks provide a wide range of amenities from playgrounds to walking trails, offering both locals and visitors a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Here’s a list of some notable free parks in Ogden:

Liberty Park

Located in the heart of Ogden, this park features a playground, basketball courts, and picnic areas, making it perfect for family outings.

Mount Ogden Park

Known for its vast green spaces, this park also includes tennis courts, a playground, and a pavilion. It offers a beautiful view of the mountains, making it a picturesque spot for picnics and gatherings.

Ogden Botanical Gardens

A peaceful haven, this park is not only about plants but also offers walking paths, educational plaques, and seasonal displays. It’s a great spot for those interested in horticulture or simply looking for a quiet stroll.

Monroe Park

A community favorite, this park has a splash pad, playground, and open spaces. It’s a great spot for kids to play during the summer.

Lorin Farr Park

This park offers a skate park, playground, pool (though there might be a fee to use the pool), and a pavilion.

4th Street Park

A smaller park, but it comes equipped with a playground and basketball court, making it ideal for a quick outing with kids.

Fort Buenaventura

While not strictly a conventional park, it’s a historical site depicting early pioneer life. There are walking trails, and it’s located along the Weber River. While the park is free, there might be fees for camping or during special events.

Glassman Pond Park

A peaceful place to relax, this park has a pond where you can spot local wildlife and offers benches to sit and enjoy the view.

MTC Park

A newer addition to Ogden’s park collection, it features a playground, splash pad, and open grass areas.

West Stadium Park

This is a simple open space park perfect for flying kites, playing catch, or having a picnic.

Ogden’s parks offer a combination of recreational opportunities, historical insights, and natural beauty. Before heading out, it’s always a good idea to check the city’s website or park-specific sites for any updates, maintenance schedules, or special events.

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