Inexpensive Gifts for Teenage Girl

Getting the right inexpensive gifts for teenage girl is really difficult thanks to the ever-changing fashion trends.

Not forgetting the influence of social media which especially the teens have a special attachment to.

For you to get it right on what unique gift for teenage girl to get your princess:

  • Understand what her hobbies are and
  • Know what she pays most attention to on the socials i.e. whether its beauty and make up, fashion or the latest movies.

Once you have this knowledge then you can consider the following areas to settle on what gift to get her.

Today, we look at our top 6 choices of classy but inexpensive gifts for teenage girls

We want to help you to know what to gift your beautiful princess this Christmas or other special occasions.

Top 6 Inexpensive Gifts for Teenage Girl this Christmas

  1. Beauty
  2. Décor
  3. Books or magazines
  4. Tech gadgets and school supplies
  5. fashion
  6. accessories and jewelry


For teen girls who are into beauty and make up, some beauty products and make up would be the way to go. It is very important to consider that this is the age at which skin really breaks out. You want to think of a product that helps the skin to stay clean and moisturized. Some items you want to consider include

  • Good quality face cleanser
  • Facial scrubber along with rose water
  • Teen perfume
  • Nicely scented bath-bomb or shower-burst
  • Pack of eyeliners that’s long lasting [perfect for beginners]
  • Eye shadow pallet
  • Lip balm
  • Butter hydrating face masks
  • Hair scalp massager shampoo brush


If your favorite teen’s interest is more on room décor, she really enjoys organizing a party even with home-made decor ideas, that’s a talent that you can grow and be a great help even in your child’s future.

Here are some of the most brilliant ideas on what you could gift them this Christmas.


This would be great for the teen to come up with beautiful ideas on how to light up their space this holiday. They can also use these to light up tiktok videos



Whether she is recording a video for the holiday or is on a video call with her teen friends, these lights are bound to make a positive impact



For a décor lover, anything to make their space unique and beautiful works. You can never go wrong with a scented candle



If your teen lives in a place where scent candles are not allowed or you feel like they shouldn’t have an open flame then an aroma diffuser is the best gift.


  • Assorted collection of succulent plants or live flowers


This is among the best inexpensive gifts for teenage girl that will automatically work



This cheap gift for teenage girl would mean so much especially for the Christmas weather



This decorative bedding will work great with a teen who feels tired of their childish bedroom especially if it drapes around the bed instead of hanging strait down.

Books, magazines and games

This works for the teen who wants to learn new trends and enjoys playing games. Some of gifts ideas for this kind of a teen include;

  • A novel


  • A teen-magazines; this will break the monotony of screens and could be a really great way of learning


  • Coloring book for teens

Tech gadgets and school supplies

Teens in this category are more enticed by tech and cool school supplies that would make them stand out amongst their classmates and friends at the library.

Examples of gifts that would suit such a teen;

  • Blue light glasses– these are blue-light-blocking glasses that are perfect for preventing headaches and eye fatigue.


  • A waterproof smart speaker– this would be perfect for a teen who feels the need for their space. It can be used in the shower or when they go swimming. It helps avoid interruptions


  • Airpods– these are the commonest gadgets among teens but upgrading them to the latest version you can afford can really be appreciated


Fashion sensitive teens are really not easy to please when it comes to gifts. If you want to gift such a teen, you would need to do your research for the latest trends as well as understand your teen’s sense of style

Some suggestions to gift a fashion loving teen include;


  • A pair of roller skates– you are not as likely to go wrong on these compared to a pair of shoes. Choose a favorite and unique color for your teen.


  • A pack of seamless underwear is acceptable any time as it gives the teen a sense of being a grown up as they are both stylish and easy to pair up with any outfit. They also don’t look like kids


  • Ripped mom jeans are really popular for most people including teens. They are stylish and cute. They are lately very trendy as well


  • Vintage overalls. These are some of the old styles that are really coming back strongly in the fashion world. A pair would be welcome any time to a fashion sensitive teen



There are upcoming trends of people making their own outfits and what better way to help a teen? If possible, you can accompany the gift with a short-term sewing class

Accessories and jewelry

For lovers of jewelry and accessories here are some gifts suggestions this Christmas;



So What Inexpensive Gifts for Teenage Girl Best Suits Your Princess?

Simply put, gifting a teen girl requires you to understand their personality, sense of style and hobbies. You must be at per with the latest trends also if you want your gift to count.

Do you have suggestions for inexpensive gifts for teenage girl? Let us know in the comments section.

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