Top 13 Non Toy Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old they’ll Actually Love!

Need help with knowing the best non toy gift ideas for 1 year old?

Here are our top non toy gift ideas to get you started!

Christmas comes early for my family and this year.

Our son just turned 1 and the party was amazingly beautiful though I felt it was more for us [his parents] than it was for him as he is still very small.

Long story short straight to the unboxing of his presents and my oh my, am I not overwhelmed. Toys and more toys.

Don’t get me wrong. Toys are really great especially for the development of the child and all.

But those of you who like to shop for a child way ahead of time like me know too much of toys can almost drive you nuts.

Fast forward to the real reason for my story, with Christmas just around the corner and the giving mood that comes with it, I really cannot stand one more toy.

I have already given out so many of them but I am far from satisfied.

Now this whole situation got me thinking,

What are the best non toy gifts for kids- meaningful gifts they will love?

Well, here’s a list of our top 13 non toy gift ideas for 1 year old:

Non Toy Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old they’ll Love and Treasure


A piggy bank


Budgeting and saving skills are some of the most important lessons a human being can have.

Introducing the culture of ‘putting away a little for tomorrow’ can be the most important thing to teach to your child and what better way of doing that than getting them a piggy bank?

A digital camera


One might argue that this would be a little far-fetched for a one year old but I think not. He may not be able to use it immediately but that’s where you come in.

Help him document his life from the start and before you know it, he will learn to take photos by himself.

Years to come, that camera would be one of the best things he ever owned.


Giant coloring posters


Babies are curious and that’s how they learn.

You would be surprised how fast a toddler can learn something given the support and material for the task.

Introduce coloring posters and watch your genius evolve.


Art and craft material


Introduce crayons, color pencils, slime and all other craft material you feel can work. Let the child play with them and model whatever comes to mind. This is a great way for them to learn and grow



At one the baby can already understand language. A good story greatly enlivens and inspires discovery.

Hearing the story works best at this point as they are yet to learn how to read.


A photo album


This helps create a story of one’s life. When the child is all grown up they can tell the kind of life they had as a child. The photos in the album can tell them about the life they had from even when they cannot remember.


Musical instruments


Music is the only language that cuts across all barriers.

Listening to music is therapeutic but making it is even more essential. Introducing real musical instruments to the child informs and shapes their mind and spirit.


Their own kitchen tools


One of the best non toy gift ideas for 1 year old that loves cooking is their own kitchen tools.

Invest in things like whisks, wooden spoons, measuring cups for the kid to help or rather feel like they are helping in the kitchen.

Apart from helping them learn, this can help them grow a big sense of responsibility to help around the house.


A fun or fancy bath towel


It is amazing how simple things can turn life around.

Having a fancy towel that makes you ‘baby-shark’ or ‘spider-man’ can transform bathing time to be a whole lot more fun.


A sleeping bag


This can be a new place to escape and be by yourself without interruptions.

It can also be world of new discoveries and fun as one falls asleep. Anything new for a toddler is a new learning experience.


Work tools and outdoor equipment


These can help a child explore and learn as they emulate their role model [you].

As you drill a nail in the shed on your backyard the child looks at you and tries to do the same.

It is in such situations that life skills are acquired without our knowledge.


One-on-one outings


Take your time and do an outdoor activity with your toddler. It is at this age that a child is able to learn best and fast.

If you take him out swimming for example, you will realize that he learns it much more efficiently.

Needless to say, this is a life and death lesson. One hour spent with your child swimming could save theirs or someone else’s life in future.




Encourage what your child loves by paying to have then get excellent at it.

An example of these can be swimming, playing musical instruments and more.

Swimming for example is a life skill that a child can start learning from even below one year. A simple few days experience can serve as a matter of life and death one day.

So, What Unique Non Toy Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old Best Suits Your Child?


Looking at these ideas of gifts you can give toddlers I’m now more convinced than ever that toys are the least you could gift a child.

I’m sure there is a whole lot more you can do that stands to be more beneficial to a child’s life than just a toy.

As you gift a child, you would want your gift to make an impact in their lives.

Looking at some of these ideas we realize that they are a whole lot more than just a one-time thing.

A toy could excite a kid for a day or two and be forgotten forever but a swimming lesson could be the one thing that keeps them alive or makes a future for them.

Think about it.

Know of other meaningful non toy gift ideas for 1 year olds? Let us know in the comment section.


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